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Welcome to Knowledge Publications Corporation.  Founded by Steven Harris in 2002
more information on Steven is at http://www.StevenHarris.net

You have reached one of our famous '1234' pages.  We use the 1234 pages to put all items of that subject onto one page so it is easy to navigate and for you to find what you are interested in.  Currently we have Solar1234.com, Battery1234.com, FirstAid1234.com, Radios1234.com, BeforeTheStormHits.com, BugOUT1234.com, CellPhone1234.com, Energy1234.com, Prep1234.com, RocketStove1234.com, ScoutStove.com, and the main website that leads to all of the 1234 websites is Steven1234.com.   Our Parent Corporation and website is http://www.KnowledgePublications.com

Knowledge Publications Corporation
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We Respond to Emails FAST.   Call only if your email is not functional or for some reason, we do not reply to you within 24 hours, then please call us.  I will always make sure you are 100% taken care of.