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Welcome to Knowledge Publications Corporation.  Founded by Steven Harris in 2002
more information on Steven is at http://www.StevenHarris.net

You have reached one of our famous '1234' pages.  We use the 1234 pages to put all items of that subject onto one page so it is easy to navigate and for you to find what you are interested in.  Currently we have Solar1234.com, Battery1234.com, FirstAid1234.com, Radios1234.com, BeforeTheStormHits.com, BugOUT1234.com, CellPhone1234.com, Energy1234.com, Prep1234.com, RocketStove1234.com, ScoutStove.com, and the main website that leads to all of the 1234 websites is Steven1234.com.   Our Parent Corporation and website is http://www.KnowledgePublications.com

Knowledge Publications Corporation
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The vast majority of the learning we have (audio classes and podcasts by Steven) are all FREE.  Not even a sign up is needed.  We are dedicated to your learning and better preparedness. 

You can hear and listen to everything that Steven has done and teaches for free.  If you LIKE what you have HEARD and want to SEE what he does with those items and how they can help you, then the videos are available for purchase.  100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed on ALL videos or your money back just by requesting a refund.  There is NO time limit on this guarantee.

10 Line Short Biography of Steven Harris

Steven Harris is a consultant and expert in the field of energy. He is the founder and CEO of Knowledge Publications, the largest energy only publishing company in the USA. Mr. Harris came to his current position to do full time work on the development and implementation of hydrogen, biomass and solar related energy systems after spending 10 years in the Aero-Thermal Dynamics department of the Scientific Labs of Chrysler Corporation, where he was a pioneer member of the group that developed and implemented successful Speed to Market development concepts. 

Mr. Harris has become a nationally recognized expert in the preparedness field.  He is the #1 all time appearing guest on The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko. His hands on, no-nonsense approach to DIY home energy for disasters and family preparedness has helped hundreds of thousands of people in times of trouble.   His energy books can be found at http://www.KnowledgePublications.com   His free preparedness classes are at http://www.Steven1234.com  and more about Steve can be discovered at http://www.StevenHarris.net 

Mr. Harris also provides detailed training classes on batteries, energy and power of all types for the US Military and Department of Defense.